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This project is a video from the National Museum of China: Painted Winged Boy Relic Box, Tang Dynasty
Unearthed from the ruins of Subashi Buddhist Temple in Kuqa County, Aksu Prefecture
Now in the collection of Tokyo National Museum, Japan.
In 1903, Japan’s Otani Mitsui expedition team illegally excavated the ruins of the Subashi Buddhist Temple in Kuqa.
This relic box was dug out from under a pagoda.
It was not until 1957 that traces of painting were discovered on the surface and inner layer of the relic box.
Peeling away the surface paint reveals a rare and beautiful picture.
The lid of the box depicts four naked boys playing musical instruments.
They play the 筚篥, the vertical harp, the pipa and a plucked instrument respectively.

This video was designed and produced by Beijing DaVinci Digital Technology.


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